Greener, Thicker, Healthier

Keep your lawn & garden green and full, and use half the water! The eco-friendly WaterXtender™ is the aerobic bio-stimulant solution for improving plant growth while dramatically reducing the amount of water needed for a healthy lawn or a robust garden. WaterXtender is incredibly effective in drought conditions!

KEEP Your Lawn & Use LESS Water!

Keep your lawn and cut your water bills. Soil with WaterXtender™ uses half the water and keeps your grass flourishing. When you hear let it go brown and take it out - you can say “I’m keeping it green with 50% less water”. The eco-friendly WaterXtender reinvigorates your soil with natural bacterial stimulation!

WaterXtender™ Helps Save You Money

WaterXtender extends water using wetting agents that remain in the soil. When you use less water, you cut your water bills. Nationwide, over 30% of household water goes into the yard. In So-Cal, it’s as high as 53%. Cut your bills in half by using less water. Now’s the time for WaterXtender!

When in Drought...Use WaterXtender™

Drought destroys beautiful lawns and gardens. Using WaterXtender saves your plants from hot and dry conditions through its patented moisture control formula. Not only does WaterXtender keep your soil moist, it also supplies plant nutrients through bio-stimulation. Beat the drought with WaterXtender!

Especially Effective in Drought Conditions!

Our organic and eco-friendly system is simple: just spray WaterXtender directly on the soil of your lawn and garden. Once the WaterXtender™ is applied, plants receive nutrients through the special bio-stimulant formula, and help the soil retain water. You’ll see a cut in your water bills immediately…and results in about one week.


Lower Watering Costs: Your lawn will flourish.

Plants & Flowers

Save Water: Extends water used for plants.

Gardens & Vegetables

Grow More With Less: Reduce watering frequency.

Trees & Shrubs

Easy to use: WaterXtender does all the work.

Save Your Lawn And Save Water

It's never too late to keep both lawns and gardens green!  WaterXtender keeps plants healthy and lowers water costs.

What Sets Us Apart