WaterXtender Benefits

WaterXtender Drought Extreme Test 2 weeks

Benefits of Using WaterXtender™:

  • Helps Plants Survive During Drought Conditions: Avoid permanent wilting and the "point of no return" for a plant.  WaterXtender™ conserves water in the soil through soil penetrants and wetting agents.

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  • Reduces Watering Frequency: When properly applied, WaterXtender™ reduces watering frequency by the impressive amounts below:
  • 60-75% in potted plants
  • 30-40% on lawns

        WaterXtender Benefits of Using WaterXtender 


  • Holds Moisture Close to Plant Root System:  WaterXtender™ promotes root growth. It holds water in the general area of a plant's root system, thus helping prevent water loss by percolating down past the roots.

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  • Keeps Lawns and Gardens Greener, Thicker, Healthier: WaterXtender™ feeds plants nutrients through bio-stimulation.
  • Improves Soil Structure: WaterXtender™ improves soil health through providing nutrients and oxygen.
  • Highest Quality/Proven Performance: Compared with similar products, WaterXtender™ boasts superior longevity and remains effective for two months.

           WaterXtender 6 Grass Samples WaterXtender

WaterXtender™ is a patented wetting agent and soil penetrant that also feeds the natural bacteria and microorganisms in your soil. This incredible mixology of this environmentally safe formula improves the soil by conserving water and supplying nutrients through bio-stimulation. It is not a fertilizer. It uses nature’s inborn ability to feed the soil and retain water, which creates a healthier growing environment.
In gardening, horticulture and agriculture, WaterXtender™ is the right choice in feeding your lawn and garden.

Tested in all types of soil including sand, silt, and clay, WaterXtender™ is effective on lawns, gardens, potted plants, and houseplant pots. WaterXtender invigorates your plant roots with moisture and additional nourishment. When applied or tilled into soil, WaterXtender’s special formula creates a healthy environment for native bacteria that supplies nutrients for all types of plants and lawns.

WaterXtender™ is odorless and non-toxic to the environment and decomposes harmlessly after two months.

WaterXtender™ comes in liquid form and must be mixed thoroughly in a watering can or sprayer. Apply directly on the soil until wet.  Water thoroughly to ensure that WaterXtender can penetrate the soil. Continue watering plants as usual for increased growth.  You may also  reduce water to conserve water while keeping the plant green and healthy. 

Soil with WaterXtender™ needs less water than your typical soil. Water your lawn and garden less often and save on your water bill. Areas with severe drought are raising water rates. Use less water and keep your lawn green with WaterXtender. You can save 50% off your water bill!

WaterXtender - The Process:

WaterXtender™ supplies natural bacteria and other micro-organisms that break down organic matter into the nutrients that plants need for growth. Moisture is necessary for bio-stimulation. The inborn bacteria and microorganisms produce plant nutrients and do not need to be supplied artificially.

Compost and organic material is a necessary part of the soil for growing plants. Increasing the activity of the bacteria and micro-organisms associated with the plant root system supplies the naturally occurring nutrients the plant needs better than a chemical fertilizer solution.

The Best & Natural Plant Production System:

              Normal WaterXtender 2 Plants

Add WaterXtender™ to the soil around the root system. WaterXtender provides what the plants need for prolonged health and growth by providing:

  • Increased healthier plant growth
  • Higher production
  • Reduced irrigation


WaterXtender is a proven solution to plant health and growth. Contact us today to learn more.

Save Your Lawn And Save Water

It's never too late to keep both lawns and gardens green!  WaterXtender keeps plants healthy and lowers water costs.