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How WaterXtender Works

WaterXtender is proven effective at keeping lawns green and healthy through active soil bio-stimulation. Supported by scientific evidence and multiple studies, WaterXtender does the job of your brand name fertilizer through natural processes while also conserving water. The powerful patent formula feed plants through nutrients from aerobic activity in the soil. Keep your lawn green in times of drought!

  • Wetting agents combat drought conditions by increasing water penetration and retention
  • Double your lawn, garden, and plants with half the water
  • Bio-Stimulants accelerate nutrient production in soil
  • Patented formula is not available in stores
  • Free measuring scoop with your purchase


For small areas use a Watering Can: Add 1 scoop, included with purchase, of WaterXtender to a clean watering can and fill with water to make 1 gallon. Spread directly on the soil of the lawns or at the base of plants. One gallon of water with 1 scoop will provide moisturizer for 25 sq ft. A second initial application may be recommended for some areas.

For large areas use a Hose End Sprayer: Pour WaterXtender into the jar or bottle of a clean hose end sprayer and note the number of ounces. Set the sprayer to mix 1 oz per 1 gallon of water. Spread evenly on lawns or at the base of plants. 1 bottle, or 16 ounces, will provide moisturizer for 400 sq ft. A second initial application may be recommended for some areas.

For Best Results

  • Moisturize every 2-3 months
  • Apply evenly and directly onto soil
  • Use one 16 oz bottle to moisturize a 400 sq ft area
  • Can be used with any clean watering can or hose end sprayer
  • A double dose may be necessary for some soils


1 Bottle of WaterXtender covers 400 sq ft
1 Scoop of WaterXtender covers 25 sq ft
1 scoop equals 1 ounce

Area Size Scoops Needed:

1 scoop = 25 sq ft
2 scoop = 50 sq ft
4 scoop = 100 sq ft

Units in box: 1


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