WaterXtender Benefits

WaterXtender - The Process:

WaterXtender™ supplies natural bacteria and other micro-organisms that break down organic matter into the nutrients that plants need for growth. Moisture is necessary for bio-stimulation. The inborn bacteria and microorganisms produce plant nutrients and do not need to be supplied artificially.

Compost and organic material is a necessary part of the soil for growing plants. Increasing the activity of the bacteria and micro-organisms associated with the plant root system supplies the naturally occurring nutrients the plant needs better than a chemical fertilizer solution.

The Best & Natural Plant Production System:

              Normal WaterXtender 2 Plants

Add WaterXtender™ to the soil around the root system. WaterXtender provides what the plants need for prolonged health and growth by providing:

  • Increased healthier plant growth
  • Higher production
  • Reduced irrigation


WaterXtender is a proven solution to plant health and growth. Contact us today to learn more.

Save Your Lawn And Save Water

It's never too late to keep both lawns and gardens green!  WaterXtender keeps plants healthy and lowers water costs.